At the PBIS we like to set our standards high and we reach for the stars when it comes to awards and achievements. We are constantly looking to take part in new, exciting projects in order to challenge ourselves.


Here are some competitions, which our pupils have participated in:


Language competitions:

Galileo English competition

Galileo Polish competition

Olimpus English competition

Olimpusek z Języka Angielskiego

Wojewódzki Konkurs Języka Angielskiego

Wojewódzki Konkurs Języka Polskiego


Mathematics and Science competitions:

Galileo Chemistry competition

Galileo Science competition

Mathematical Kangaroo

Olimpus z Przyrody

Wojewódzki Konkurs Matematyczny


Sports competitions and tournaments:

Tymbark Football Cup

Międzyszkolne Zawody Pływackie Niepublicznych Szkół Podstawowych (Inter-School Swimming competitions)


And many, many others…