Start of the new School Year for the Nursery and School.

This years Organisation Meetings for the Parents of the Nursery pupils will be on 31st August at 17.00 in Polish and at 18.00 in English, in the form of a video-conference.

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1st September will be a normal day in the Nursery, with no traditional opening ceremony. The Nursery will use Gate 2 (at the back of the School Building) as their Drop Off and Pick Up Points.

We invite the Class 1-3 pupils and one Parent to the start of the new School year at 9.00am on 1st September, to the back of the school (using Gate 2). Please abide by the sanitary regimes when entering the school grounds: mouth and nose covered with a mask and social distancing 1.5m. The Class Teachers will provide you with the most important information for the new School year. These meetings will be until approx. 10.30am.

We invite the Class 4-8 pupils (without their Parents) to meetings with their Class Teachers at 9.00am at School, on 1st September (using Gate 1).

Pupils must wear masks in common areas (in front of the school building, on corridors, stairs). These meetings will be until approx. 10.30am.

We invite the Class 4-8 Parents to this year’s Organisation Meetings on 1st September, in the form of a video-conference, as follows:

    • 11.10 – 11.50 Class 4 (in Polish)
    • 12:00 – 12:40 Class 5 (in Polish)

    • 12:50 – 13:30 Class 6 (in Polish)

    • 13:40 – 14:20 Classes 7 and 8 (in Polish)

    • 14:30 – 15:10 Classes 4,7 and 8 (in English)

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We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary

This year marks 20 years since we first opened the doors to the Poznań British School, which later changed its name to the Poznań British International School. Since the school's inception, we have continually sought new and unique ways to enrich the lives of our pupils. What began as a handful of pupils in the year 2000 has now expanded to both a Nursery and School offering a holistic and child-centred approach to learning. We remain loyal to our mission to empower children to reach their fullest potential as confident, creative and compassionate young eople and to joyfully cultivate a genuine desire for life-long learning. It has been a tremendous honour to have welcomed so many incredible children and families.

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Poznań British International School

Founded in 2000, the Poznań British International School (PBIS) is experienced in combining a high quality, challenging British International education to pupils from 3-16 from a variety of cultural backgrounds. We aspire to create an environment where children feel happy and motivated. Our aim is for our pupils to become successful academically, personally and socially.