What parents are saying…

„We would like to express our opinion, as well as to thank the whole PBIS team for the responsible approach during this difficult time when it was necessary to introduce remote learning for our son.
It was, no doubt an unexpected period of time, which surprised us both the school and us Parents.
There was no time to think about what to do, quick action needed to be taken to help our children cope both physically and mentally with the new reality.
Unfortunately we have to leave the school, as our son is finishing Class 8, but you will always be in both our thoughts and our sons, as a good and responsible partner of education, who can be trusted.
Satisfied parents of a Class 8 pupil.”

As the school year is coming to an end, we would like to thank the School Management and Teachers for their hard work during the last school year. We would particularly like to thank Ms.Ewelina – our son’s Class Teacher, who during remote learning managed to conduct lessons in such a way that
too much burden was not put onto us Parents, despite the fact that the Curriculum was delivered.
Thank you to Ms, Grace for the dynamic Music lessons.
To Ms. Krysia for her smile and friendliness to each pupil.
To Mr.Churchill for very interesting Computing lessons.
To Ms. Ania for the Art work, which filled our shelves, no one knows when. giving our son a sense of pride and joy.
To Ms. Marysia for the interesting Science lessons, thanks to her my son definitely wants to be a Scientist.
To Mr. Michał for his ingenious ideas conducting PE lessons on-line (no equipment was damaged). Also a big thank you to Ms. Monika in the Office, who
can always be relied on.
We thank you for making education an evolving adventure at this school for our son and thanks to the great team, hardly impaired by the epidemia.

Kind regards. Happy holiday.
Parents of a Class 3 pupil.

„My children are very happy with remote learning.
The high standard of the PBIS during lessons at school was tranposed to remote learning.
Lessons were carried out according to the timetable which the children received, in the younger classes (Class 2) and.in the older Classes (Class 6 and Class 8).
Communication with the children was polished to perfection, which allowed active participation in all lessons, feedback about assignments, topics, as well as individual work.
The very quick reactions of the Teachers, simultaneous observations and keeping discipline resulted in all the topics and targets in the Curriculum being delivered.
The children happily connected up to “Classroom” every day, which made their life more fun during the stressful situation caused by the epidemic threat. Projects, groupwork, presentations, Sports, Art and Music activities were carried out by happy and focused children. This gave them the opportunity to discover their peers’ talent, see how they live, or even form a chain of help/support for each other (especially in Class 8, where they prepared and revised for their exams on-line even after school hours).
The Teachers deserve special praise, for their supernatural patience conducting lessons, combining the home atmosphere and concentration amongst the pupils.
Thank you very much to the Teachers, the School Office and the School Management for their in-depth analysis and reactions to problems on an every day basis. After 20 years the School passed the test to run a school “without school desks” . Congratulations!!”

„Our sincere thanks to all the Teachers for conducting the remote lessons according to the timetable.
The lessons are conducted using various audio visual tools, which make the lessons interesting and improves the children perceptions.
During lessons the children do art work,  make projects, carry out Chemistry experiments, and even built a periscope.
The School did not forget about the physical well-being of the children, which is especially important during long periods spent  in front of the computer, therefore even P.E. lessons were conducted outside, during this time, whenever possible.
Tests using the Quizlet, Quiziz and Kahoot   platforms was another super idea to check the children’s knowledge in an interesting way. The children even participated in Poetry Competitions and Spelling Tests were  organised on-line. This was done almost from day to day.
We could not imagine that remote learning could be conducted in this way. Thank you!!
Class 5 and Class 8 Parent.”

We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary

This year marks 20 years since we first opened the doors to the Poznań British School, which later changed its name to the Poznań British International School. Since the school's inception, we have continually sought new and unique ways to enrich the lives of our pupils. What began as a handful of pupils in the year 2000 has now expanded to both a Nursery and School offering a holistic and child-centred approach to learning. We remain loyal to our mission to empower children to reach their fullest potential as confident, creative and compassionate young eople and to joyfully cultivate a genuine desire for life-long learning. It has been a tremendous honour to have welcomed so many incredible children and families.

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Poznań British International School

Founded in 2000, the Poznań British International School (PBIS) is experienced in combining a high quality, challenging British International education to pupils from 3-16 from a variety of cultural backgrounds. We aspire to create an environment where children feel happy and motivated. Our aim is for our pupils to become successful academically, personally and socially.