Parental Complaints



The Parental Complaints Procedure at the Poznań British International School is available to the parents of pupils and prospective pupils at the school. 

If you have a complaint, concerning your child, the Class Teacher is the person to speak to first. Class Teachers have daily contact with the pupils and they assist the subject teacher(s) in dealing with issues concerned with individuals, in their class. If the complaint cannot be resolved on this level, please make an appointment with the Principal. 

∙ The time scale for the management of a complaint is up to 14 working days. ∙ When a complaint is made, it is initially considered on an informal basis. 

In the event where a Parent is not satisfied with the response to the informal resolution, the School requests that the complaint is made formally in writing. 

∙ If a parent is not satisfied with the response to the written complaint, which they should receive within one month, a hearing is set up before a panel appointed by, or on behalf of the Proprietor and consisting of at least three people who were not directly involved in the matters detailed in the complaint. 

∙ During a panel hearing of a complaint, one person will be independent of the management and running of the school. 

∙ Parents can attend and be accompanied at a panel hearing, if they wish. 

∙ The panel will make findings and recommendations and a copy of those findings and recommendations will be sent by electronic mail, or otherwise given to the Complainant and, where relevant, the person complained about, within 7 working days and will be available for inspection, on the school premises, by the Proprietor and the Principal. 

∙ A formal written complaint may be sent to the local Kuratorium Oświaty (K.O.) in Poznań. 

∙ The School complies with the statutory legal requirements regarding complaints of the Ministry of Education – Bill of 08.01.2002 with later amendments. 

∙ A written record is kept of all complaints, and of whether they are resolved at the preliminary stage, or proceed to a panel hearing. 

∙ Correspondence, statements and records relating to individual complaints will be kept confidential, except where the Secretary of State , or a body conducting an inspection under section 108 or 109 of the 2008 Act requires access to them. 

Amended: August 2021

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